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Experiment : Combustion test of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons

Procedure :
1. 1mL of cyclohexane and cyclohexene are placed in two separate evaporating dishes.
2. Both compound are ignited simultaneously with a burning wood splint.
3. The colour intensity of the flame and the soot given off are compared.
Note : This test is not carried out with toluene because of its carcinogenic properties.

1. Cyclohexane produces less colour intensity and less soot given off during combustion test.
2. Cyclohexene produces more colour intensity and more soot is given off.

Discussion :
1. Cyclohexane is a saturated hydrocarbon and cyclohexene is an unsaturated hydrocarbon due to the presence of double bond.
2. Both hydrocarbons produce carbon dioxide and water during combustion test. When the oxygen is limited, the product will be carbon monoxide and water.
3. Cyclohexene burns and produces more soot because of the higher percentage of carbon compared to cyclohexane.


February 1, 2010 - Posted by | Experiment

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